Promoting an app

I was thinking of promoting one of  my apps and see how that works out.

I use admob for earnings through running ads on my apps. Admob also offers an ad campaign to promote your apps, however after a bit of research I found out that they are a little bit more expensive than other platforms who provide a similar service.

It seems that Facebook is great for app promotion since you could narrow your campaign for a specific demographic, which in turn becomes profitable because the people you reach will probably be interested to install and use your app. I didn’t use Facebook though, because I wanted to make a minimal effort trial run. The easiest service I found was AppBrain. I read that it is a simple solution and one of the better priced systems out there, so I went for it. As expected It was very easy to get set up and I started my first ever app promotion campaign in less than 5 minutes.

I will report back on how it went, when my set limit of money has depleted.

for now if you want to visit the site go here .


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