You have an app idea and you’re finally ready to get it done. Or, you just really feel like learning how to build an android app. That’s what this site is for.
Some time ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with a revelation, thinking this is it, I have it, THE IDEA OF THE CENTURY! So naturally, to follow through with my dreams of fame and fortune, in the morning, I did what any logical and stable person would do. I registered for android programming courses.
Needless to say, midway through the year I was kicking myself, what was I thinking??? People program for years and can’t turn a profit with their applications, am I insane to put myself through this? and sadly enough, it was also right about that time when I realized that the epiphany I had a couple of months back, was done by others many times over. However, my moment of resignation was short-lived and I plowed through and finished the courses. I became addicted to the world of programming apps.
Why am I sharing all this with you right now? I don’t know, I figured maybe I could help some poor soul like me, who is sure that all you need is to learn how to build an app and BAM! Zuckerberg Stardom is achieved.
Well let me set things straight. Yes, you need to know how to build an app, but my friend it requires a lot more than just slapping some code together. you will need to know how to design it, how to market it, how to monetize and all sorts of other crazy stuff! I am not pretending to be an expert in all this, but I do have some experience that I could share with someone who just wants to get an idea of what it takes to publish an app on the play store and if you are interested in following through with your app idea, you’re in luck because I am going to get you started with a simple useless app with some crazy google material design trinkets. Keep in mind that it’s going to be a slow process, because I have other things to do.


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