Promoting an app, Results!

Its been a while since I reported back to this topic. So as promised I wanted to let you know how my ad campaign went.

Since this was the first attempt at advertising my app, I decided to limit my app budget to 50$ US.

I set the CPI (Cost per install) bids to $1 and did not do any changes to the countries where the ad would appear. Basically, I left everything as default. Rooky mistake!

First the CPI Bid of 1 dollar was too high, and I should have selected the countries where I wanted the ads to run. Suffice it to say my budget depleted fast.

Here’s why. The campaign started at 2 pm and by 8 pm the budget of $50 that I thought was set was exceeded by 26.86%. So, I ended up spending $63.43.

I verified on the site and read that AppBrain cannot guarantee to suspend the campaign exactly when the budget limit is reached for a few reasons, but mostly because the installations of the app in question happen sometimes simultaneously and charges occur for each installation. So, treat the budget limit you set as an estimate.

The top 10 countries with the most impressions for my app were Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Brazil, Iraq, India, Turkey, Iran and Russia. That cost me 46.65$, most of my 50$ budget.

I was so much in a hurry to test this ad campaign that I did not even think of who my target should be. For anyone interested in trying an ad campaign, I would suggest you at least pick the countries it should be running on.

Here are the stats from 1 day of the ad campaign. (On all countries, $1 CPI Bid)

  • Impressions: 59,677 (Number of times the promoted app was shown to users)
  • Clicks: 1,181 (Number of times a user clicked on a promoted app)
  • CTR: 1.98% (Percentage of impressions which led to a click on a promoted app. clicks / impressions)
  • Installs: 117 (Number of times a promoted app was installed)
  • IR: 0.20% (Percentage of impressions which led to an install of a promoted app. Installs / Impressions)
  • CR: 9.91% (Percentage of clicks which led to an install of a promoted app. Installs / Clicks)
  • Avg. CPI: $0.54 (Average cost for an install of a promoted app)
  • Cost: $63.43 (Total costs spent for promoting this app)

Now for the verdict.
It was very easy to set it up and I can say that I was surprised how fast and how many installs I got. I will definitely set up a new ad campaign with AppBrain for my new Cryptocurrency app I am working on.


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